New Kicks!

I’m going to generalize here, but I think gym rats (or would it be “box rats” now?) have an addiction to workout gear, clothes, tools, etc.

I say that because I can’t seem to stop buying new things to work oit in. I just decided to allocate a portion of my budget to gym gear because I KNOW that I’m going to come across a new top, capris, socks, gloves or whatever thay I “need”.

Don’t get me wrong, some items are necessary. My workout gloves are dying and I know it (multiple holes that can’t be patched or they will create calluses or blisters). My new weightlifting shoes (Oly classes on deck!) to keep my knees tracking properly and stabilize my feet/ankles; as my loads get heavier, stability is a must!

These items, as well as my future weight belt, knee gloves, etc., are just as essential as eating the right foods, or sleeping a full 8 hours (oh the joy!). You have to have the right tools inorder to take advantage of the benefits.

I am not getting paid jack to say this, so really, cop a pair!

And yes, I went with black…I’m that chick that needs everything to match or go together, even my workout clothes and weightlifting shoes lol.

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2 thoughts on “New Kicks!

  1. These are pretty legit shoes! I just got the NB Maximus pair. I wanted to comment on this post because I love workout gear too. My friend and I are working on building an online store, and I’d love to get your opinion on who your favorite brands are for workout gear. Do you have time to chat?

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